Alexa Sparky


The official Alexa bar for Mozilla Firefox


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If you administer a secure web page, you are probably already familiar with And if you haven't heard of Alexa or its popular ranking, you should know that it's undoubtedly one of the website references that all webmasters should have in their toolbox.

On you'll find completely free, reliable traffic statistics for any website, as well as rankings and lists organized by country or language. In order to collect this data, uses a browser plug-in that not only sends data to the website, but also makes it easier for you to follow the statistics for any website you're visiting.

Up to now, one of the biggest complaints about this system was that the Alexa bar was only available for Internet Explorer. However, thanks to Alexa Sparky, the official Mozilla Firefox extension for Alexa, there's now a solution to that problem.

With Alexa Sparky, you add a little bar to Firefox from which you can see a graphic that shows the evolving traffic of any website you're visiting. In addition, you can also access some of the services offered by Alexa directly. This includes an overview of any website, details about the traffic, links that lead to that page, and pages classified by Alexa as similar to the current page.

Works on Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later.
In order to install Alexa Sparky, you just have to drag the .xpi file to the add-ons window of your browser.

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